Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's time for Halloween!

Growing up I always remember the beautiful wreaths my mom would hang on our front door for every holiday imaginable.  She and my aunt would always get together and head to a local craft store and pick out the best decorations for a wreath.  My aunt would take them home and within a week we had a new wreath hanging on our door welcoming every guest who visited our home. I always admired the way she could take anything my mother picked out and make it into the best and most inviting wreath anyone had ever seen.  When it became time for me to get married she was a huge part in my wedding.  She made my veil, a money purse (for the best dance of any wedding...the money dance!), my flower girl dresses, all of my bouquets,a huge centerpiece for my food table, and many many other things that I know I am forgetting.  I could never thank her enough for all that she did for me on my wedding day, and growing up, and I hoped one day I could be just as creative as she was.

 A few years ago that aunt passed away and my fondest memory of her will always be the gorgeous wreaths that my mom hangs up month after month, so I found it fitting that my first craft project would a wreath.  As I made my wreath I thought back to the many wreaths we had in our house and hoped that I would make her proud.  The above picture is the finished product.

All of the materials used to make this wreath came from  Michael's.  They had just stocked their shelves with all of their Halloween decorations. I immediately knew that I wanted to decorate a broom with lots of whimsical pics and ribbon. Bright and shiny always seem to catch my eye so it was no surprise that most of the products I bought are full of glitter.  My husband is starting think I need to stick to non-sparkle since I seem to now leave a trail of glitter everywhere I go.
 I started by finding a black ribbon with colorful, glittery polka dots and wrapped it around the stick part of the broom holding it in place with hot glue on the back side of the broom.

Then came the hard part.  I am such a perfectionist so it took me a couple of days of arranging and rearranging before I was ready to plug my hot glue gun back in and make things permanent.  Finally I decide that the bat and witch hat (with some more of that fabulous ribbon) should be the focal point of the wreath.  Once that decision had been made everything fell into place and my Halloween wreath was complete!

When I was shopping I got so excited that I just knew I wouldn't be able to stop at just one wreath so I bought two brooms and extra pics in different colors to make a second Halloween wreath to sell!
The second wreath looks much like the first except this time the focal point is a bat and pics are slightly different in color.

The above is the finished second wreath that is available for purchase for $25.00 plus shipping (if interested please contact me).

This is definitely not the last of my wreath making as a former co-worker, and the friend who inspired me to get in touch with my craft side, have signed up to be part of a local craft show in November. 

 So look out for many more wreaths and hopefully I will get around to documenting some of the delicious recipes I found via Pinterest.